Built for High Availability, High Performance and Security.

All our solutions seamlessly integrate with Cloudflare's security and performance services.

Linux at the core

Our linux based infrastructure solutions are tailored to support unique business requirements. The operating system provides built-in security which helps keep the system secure from all the harm which might be caused later on. Traditionally, Unix-like systems are renowned for running without registering a single issue or failure which demands a restart; this is a key aspect to consider when choosing a server system. This is why most servers in the modern world are running Linux. Whether your infrastructure is outsourced, in the cloud or on-site we have the processes, expertise and commitment to ensure the seamless management of your business operations.

Managed Hosting Services

Fully managed hosting is our top-of-the-line service for companies that want a higher-touch experience from the very beginning. It means we work closely with you to help choose the right hosting plan, and our experts architect your infrastructure for optimal success based on your business operations and goals. We’ll also take care of migration and help with onboarding to limit any interruptions to your business as you get set up. Once you’re up and running, we provide round-the-clock management to ensure your infrastructure and applications are updated, secure, and running quickly for customers around the globe. As technology changes and your business grows, we’ll even pro-actively suggest ways we can improve your hosting implementation to stay ahead of the curve.

Our managed services include:


Australian based helpdesk engineers and 24/7/365 support and onsite availability.


Fully managed network infrastructure.


Fully managed hardware.


Own datacentre based in Sydney with optional GCP or AWS redundancy.


System level monitoring alerts and notifications, and graphing.


100% uptime Service level agreements.

OS Maintenance

Core operating system updates, patches and enhancments.

Linux based

Our infrastructure is built on Linux for optimum performance, continuity and security.


All our applications leverage Cloudflare's apis for the best protection against DDOS or Application level attacks.


Our engineers are skilled, experienced and ready to go. Whether it be on-site or remote support, our engineers are more than qualified to support all the requirements of your infrastructure.

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